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Theresa McCoy

06 de abril de 2020

Will banks remain open in quarantine?

If I want to visit a branch, will it be opened during quarantine?



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Asesor financiero

07 de abril de 2020


Asesor financiero

07 de abril de 2020

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Hello Theresa,


This unfortunate pandemic of the COVID-19 is bringing a lot of changes in our daily life. As a result of the prevention measurements, social distancing and closing non-essential businesses are some of the most important actions to be taken during this weeks - or maybe months. 


What about the banking services while the quarantine lasts? Many branches across the country are still operating as usual,  with contingency plans being closely monitored. However, a few locations have decided to remain closed. Most banks and credit unions have posted their own COVID-19 measurementes and locations available on their websites or social media. Some branches are closed, and others have modified hours. We recommend you to check out your financial entity website or contact them via phone call.


However, most entities are encouraging to use banking mobile. A lot of people already uses it, but it is the opportunity for most americans to adapt to the online tools that online banking offers. Banks, including Capital One, Chase & Co, Citigroup, and JPMorgan, recently sent reminders to customers about self-service digital banking options.

Additionally, we suggest to be careful and alert because the reinforcement of online banking can also bring an increase in scams and fraud.


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