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Quicken Loans

Mortgage Loans

Quicken Loans offer a wide range of mortgage loans, according to its customer’s needs. Their conventional loans are designed with fixed-rates for periods between 15-30 years of repayments. But, if you are looking for an adjustable-rate loan, they also offer 7/1 and 5/1 adjustable-rate terms. Regardless of the choice you make, all the loans are available with no prepayment penalties.

Applying is easy, you only need to make a small application deposit to cover any costs while the application process such as credit report, home appraissal and other expenses. If you would decide to not continue the loan with this entity, they may be able to refund you the full amount, minus any of the amount already spent during the application, if applicable. 

The mortgage process with Quicken Loans is easy:

  1. Application: Find the best mortgage that fits your needs through their online, fast and secure form. They also have a phone service if you are not comfortable with following an online process.

  2. Explore options: QL with match you with the best options for you according to your profile, so you can decide which one you want to get.

  3. Information verification: Now, the company will verify your information by, for example, review your bank account and tax information.

  4. Close the agreement: Once both parts have everything clear, now the customer can pick when to close the loan. QL will provide you all the information necessary to have every detail before signing the contract.

  5. Manage your loan: You can manage your loan online by making fee-free payments, accessing your information and loan details whenever you want, and other support and advice services the company offers.


Advantages of getting a QL Mortgage Loan

  • Wide range of mortgage options

  • Flexible payments

  • No penalty fees

  • 24/7 online support

  • Fast Turnaround

Product type Mortgage loans

Origination Fee 0.5% to 1%

Minimum down payment 3%


Be over 21

Have a valid ID/passport

Be a US citizen or permanent resident

Have a source of income

We analyze your profile and match you to the best financial products for you through SWIPE CREDIT

  • Get between $100 and $35.000
  • Immediate and tailored for you
  • We compare more than 50 entities