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Accredited Debt Relief

Debt Relief Programs

Trying to resolve your debts? Accredited Debt Relief programs have to goal to help you find quick solutions for lower payments according to your financial situation.

How do they get this done? It all goes down to a 3-phases-process:

First, get started by calling the company for a free consultation. In this phase, a Certified Debt Specialist gets to know you and your financial needs, in order to be able to tailor a good debt relief option for you. Then, you’ll work together to customize your monthly deposit amounts based on your goals, the total amount of your enrolled debt, and budget. 

Secondly, it is time to get going. The first step for this is to open a savings account under your full control. Here, you will have to deposit monthly payments for paying off your debt. Step two is to let the debt negotiators communicate to your debt entities for you. This means to also stop using your line of credit or loan being resolved. The last step in this phase is to let the negotiators work on securing settlements that help boost your savings, reduce your total payments, and resolve your debt as soon as possible.

Stepping onto the last phase, it is time to approve the offer once a creditor agrees to a settlement. But the process with Accredited Debt Relief finishes when you have fully paid-back your creditor and you are finally “relieved”.

The services offered through the Debt Relief programs are Debt Settlement, Debt Management and Debt Consolidation.


Advantages of getting a Debt Relief Program

  • Free consultation

  • Accepts secured and unsecured debts

  • Toll-free phone calls

  • Online application

Product type Debt consolidations

Minimum debt considered 2 to 4 years

Free consultation Online application


Have a valid ID/passport

Be a US citizen or permanent resident

Have more than 2 loans

We analyze your profile and match you to the best financial products for you through SWIPE CREDIT

  • Get between $100 and $35.000
  • Immediate and tailored for you
  • We compare more than 50 entities