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Bank of America

Description of Bank of America

Bank of America is an American multinational corporation that offers investment banking and financial services. It is also the second largest banking institution in the US.

History of Bank of America

Even though Bank of America extends its history to 240 years ago legacy, it wasn't until 1904 when it consolidated as “Bank of Italy” in San Francisco. Founded by the talian-american Amadeo Giannini, the company started as a way to provide loans to immigrants. After some time, the name “Bank of America” suited better the mission of the bank and was finally switched. This bank had a lot of important customers such as big companies like Disney and Hewlett Packard.

In 1998, Bank of America was introduced as brand we currently know, with the iconic flagscape next to the name. With this change, the company reaffirmed their aim to work towards strong earnings with high customer and employee satisfaction.

By 2018, there was a small change in the brand that marked a new era for the company: “cutting-edge technology and high-touch solutions for our clients”. This promises a special interest from the bank to connect with every customer/business/individual, in order to empower every connection and let them know that each of them matter for the company.


Benefits of Bank of America

Second largest bank in the US

Multiple banking and investment services

240 years of experience

Fiscal data Bank of America

Headquarters Bank of America